Join Our ESG & AI 2-Day "All Inclusive" Masterclass

Navigating the ESG & AI road is not that straightforward as everybody would like. With this 2-day all inclusive training on the 7th and 8th of June 2023 we will be your steady compass in these turbulent times. 

Discover how stakeholder value maximisation is replacing customer and shareholder value. Learn about ESG and how it fits into the bigger picture. Explore the power of AI in developing interactive ESG business cases. Finish with role play training to spread the word.

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Open up your mind 

With Guido Thys we managed to open our masterclass in a way that will rock your boat. 

Nothing better than starting the day with a good sense of humour. His refreshing approach to simplify complicated issues will clarify your perspective.  

But be aware. His questions wil pull your legs from right under you and his own answers will leave you humbled. 

We will not let you drown and provide you with the lifevest that will help. 

ESG, AI, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and Hotelroom

We will show you how AI can benefit you in developing your ESG businesscase and/or project plan. It's a hands on exercise. So bring your tablet or laptop. 

We will conclude the first day with a relaxing dinner and drinks to greet you again after breakfast for a second day.

With the aquired AI understanding we will gear you up to create for example storytelling websites without any technicall knowledge at all.

Practise what you preach

We won't let you go home without a proper and thorough role play training hosted bij Armin Hietbrink. He is an highly experienced Kenneth Smit Sales and Management expert. 

He will steamrole you into your new ESG Ambassador role like no other.