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Example of the easy to use AI-ME screen with product characteristics beside it like Outlook add in, Artificial Intelligence with customized model, personal assistant, save time, inprove quality and privacy.

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 Caution: this tool can save you up to 8 hours a month


AI-ME helps you

in 3 steps   

  • Select an inbox message you want to respond to
  • Check the proposed response and edit if you want.
  • Paste the response in your reply and send.
Invest € 30,- and save up to € 1.500,- (30 hour) a month per employee. Want a ROI of 2500%?

 "Not thinking about begin and end of your reply saves so much time" (Nick Nijhuis) ​               

​ "It replies in the language of the original e-mail. So easy" (Roeland Bron)       

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Why AI-ME for me?Karlo Timmerman, Chartered accountant and SEO Sky Dust

Karlo Timmerman, Chartered accountant and CEO of Sky Dust, started out of frustration. As a chartered accountant Karlo knows the importance of safety and time management. Read his statement below. 
Why? One of the things that annoy me are the non-personal email-templates that will arrive 4 more times if you click on the first one. People are so busy, that even the biggest change in history for reporting, was not known by much of the leaders. 
How? To become sustainable driven, a company must become resilient first and that's why we have a fully automated (3 clicks) personalized email response. No template or standardized pre-programmed text, but realtime AI that responds to your emails, while you give the approval.
What? For a low price, a business have a massive disruptor in place, that is safe and secure. As auditor I am aware of the businesses secrets, or just not willing to have this everywhere outside your cloud environment. That's why we embedded it inside outlook. Our partnership with Microsoft gives us this advantage in security with a tokenizer.  See below

3 step easy plug and play installation

3 step plan to boost your productivity with AI-ME: Image 1 says 'Install AI-ME Outlook add in'. Image 2 says ''select an email and click generate button'. Image 3 says ' Your respons is ready. Check it and send it'.
In 3 steps AI-ME boosts your productivity

The add-in for a
professional image

The add-in uses intelligent algorithms to personalize email replies, ensuring that each response is tailored to the recipient and content of the original message. This helps users maintain a professional image and build stronger relationships with their contacts.​​ 

You get the add-in by clicking more actions on the right site of the e-mail menu and then chose Get Add-ins.

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This is what you see in AI-ME

"Our AI model can turn text into secret codes to make it easier for the computer to understand. When you push the  generate  button your information stays safe and private, like a locked safe, so no one else can access it"

 This is what we see in AI-ME

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Microsoft Global startup program aka foundershub. Sky Dust is member and currently scale-up since it's found in 2021.



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Sky Dust's lead investment round series A is lead by Newchip, Texas, USA.


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